What is Skylow

Skylow is a marketplace that connects companies that need travel arrangements, to travel agents who bid on fulfilling those travel needs.

At the core, Skylow lets company employees post their travel needs: flights, hotels, car rentals, and anything else they need, like travel insurance or visas, and Skylow lets multiple travel agents post bids for those travel requests. The company chooses what suppliers they want to work with, and which offers are best for them.
The entire process is easily managed online, giving the company full transparency into who is flying, what offers they received and selected, an approval process (if needed), detailed reports which are combined to travel expense reports.

Why companies need Skylow

There is typically chaos around managing travel in organizations. Skylow puts an end to that, reduces costs, and saves time and energy.

There are 4 main benefits companies gain by using Skylow:
  • A simple workflow for all corporate travel activities in the organization
  • Multiple travel agents bid on the company's travel needs, which reduces costs
  • Management gets transparency into everything related to travel in the company
  • Periodic reports for getting insights and easily understanding travel trends and expenses

Why travel agents need Skylow

As a marketplace for corporate travel, Skylow is where travel agents need to be in order to be in the loop and get access to new business leads - an agent who isn't there is missing out.
Travel agents also promote Skylow to their existing business clients since once a company uses Skylow to manage their travel, the travel agent gets exposure to 100% of the companys travel needs.
Plus it organizes all the travel requests and gives the travel agent in-depth reports about all the bids they've submitted.

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